NASA Astronaut Victor Glover tours his possible future ride to the Moon

victor glover sls

NASA Astronaut Victor Glover visited NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to get a tour of the SLS rocket being stacked in the VAB.

Victor Glover, who recently returned from SpaceX’s Crew-1 mission, went to go see his possible next ride, NASA’s Space Launch System. Currently, SLS is being assembled in Kennedy Space Center’s Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and is nearing completion. This rocket will be used to send humanity back to the Moon in part of the Artemis Program.

Glover was selected to be a part of the Artemis Program’s cadre of NASA astronauts last year. Glover’s tour brought him close to the SLS rocket itself and NASA’s Orion capsule that is getting reading to be stacked on top of the SLS. After years of delays, NASA’s largest rocket is finally taking shape.

No astronauts have yet to be selected to fly on an SLS rocket, although Glover is in the group to be chosen. Orion can carry 4 astronauts to the Moon, for Artemis II one of those slots will go to a Canadian astronaut. Whether or not Glover actually flies to the Moon is unknown, an assignment to work on a program doesn’t guarantee flight, but Glover would be a fan favorite.

NASA is still working towards a late 2021 launch of Artemis I. This mission will test the launch vehicle and Orion spacecraft to ensure they are safe to fly crew on the Artemis II mission. While a 2024 crewed lunar landing will be hard to meet for many reasons, getting SLS flying will be the biggest milestone so far for the program.

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