[Update: Some service restored] It’s not just you, SpaceX’s Starlink internet service is down

Several users of SpaceX’s satellite-based internet service, Starlink, have reported the service is not working, showing the possibility of a global outage. Starlink currently operates in beta, and SpaceX warns that outages are possible while the satellite constellation is built out.

Users have been reporting this morning that they have not been able to connect to any of SpaceX’s over 1,000 satellites that are in orbit currently. Customer apps are showing that they are offline.

The company just surpassed 1,000 terminals being shipped to customers so the number of people this is affecting isn’t large compared to other internet service providers. No tweets from Elon Musk or statements from SpaceX have been made about the possible global outage, although early adopters know to expect service hiccups for now.

This is an ongoing story and will update this post with more info when it becomes available of Starlink’s outage.

No real solution so far and still no public comment

Some users have reported their services have been restored but others are still experiencing outages across the globe. As of the end of business hours Wednesday, no comment about the outage has been made by SpaceX or Elon Musk.

Starlink is SpaceX’s global internet constellation. A project started a few years back and began launching in 2019. There are over 100,000 satellites in the constellation making SpaceX the operator of the largest number of satellites in orbit.

Users connect to the service using ground terminals with a dish that can automatically track the satellites as they pass overhead. Without a clear view of the satellite, the terminal will not be able to connect to the network leaving the user unable to use the internet. The hardware costs $499 and the service is $99 a month.

The rollout of the beta across the world has been slow. Also, just because other people in your area have Starlink doesn’t mean you can get it as they are limiting how many people have the service in populated areas. This is the first widespread outage of Starlink since it began the beta last year.

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