Space Force unveils two new uniforms to be worn by its Guardians

space force dress uniforms

The newest branch of the United States Armed Forces has slowly begun building its own brand. Following Monday’s Space Force unveiling of enlisted rank insignia, the service has shown off their dress and physical fitness uniform prototypes.

Prototype of the Space Force’s dress uniform

Since its inception, the new branch has utilized the uniforms of the Air Force, only offering a branded t-shirt for new members to wear while they are sworn in. At the Air Force Association’s Air, Space, and Cyber Conference on Tuesday, Chief of Space Operations General John Raymond unveiled the prototype for the branch’s dress uniform.

Space Forces’ new dress uniforms sway drastically from the service dress uniforms worn by the other five branches. Instead of the normal suit coat, the Space Force has sided with a design similar to a double-breasted suit coat–though the buttons are only on the right side, similar to uniforms in many sci-fi movies like Star Trek.

This is of course a prototype, and not the final form, so we might see them make further changes before the uniform makes its way to Guardians.

New physical fitness uniform currently in testing

A new uniform for Guardians to use during exercise was also announced this week. In a flashy video posted to social media, the Space Force showed off their new set with 2nd Lt. Mahala Norris, an Air Force Academy track and field star, wearing the Space Force’s physical fitness uniform.

This uniform doesn’t boast a drastic change like their dress uniform did. The design is very similar to the Air Force’s tracksuit.

We could see more branding changes coming to the Space Force as they continue to mature into their own unique branch.

Featured Image: Air Force Magazine

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