Virgin Galactic has sold 700 seats to space

Virgin Galactic announced its third-quarter financial report to investors today, and in it, details of the companies spaceflight seat sales have been shared.

About 700 tickets sold in total

In the report, Virgin Galactic reports 1,000 reservations for flights on its SpaceShipTwo suborbital spaceplane. Of those reservations, about 700 have turned into purchased tickets which is a considerable percentage and could already support over 100 more flights for Virgin Galactic.

These ticket sales are a solid showing for an industry that’s just getting off the ground. In addition, Virgin Galactic has announced that its fleet of vehicles is going through an “enhancement period” to help improve flight rate and service life.

$450,000 ticket price shows good recpetion

That’s right, a ticket on Virgin Galactic will cost the flyer $450,000. The company stated in its release that there has been a good reception to it. However, not every ticket was purchased at that price. Tickets were originally sold at $200,000 and have gone up as the program has grown.

Virgin Galactic’s ticket price is rumored to be much cheaper than Blue Origin’s price, which could be significantly higher than $500,000. However, unless Blue Origin announces its ticket sales, we won’t exactly know how these two match up just yet. Some reports have stated Blue origin has sold over $100 million in tickets, but we can’t compare this to Virgin Galactic with an unknown ticket price.

Next flight of Virgin Galactic

Unity 23 is the next mission for Virgin Galactic and was initially planned for this year. However, due to an investigation by the FAA, which grounded the fleet and a lower than expected strength test result of certain vehicle materials, the flight was pushed back to 2022.

How good do you think these numbers look for Virgin Galactic? Let us know in the comments if you think Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic leads the industry with suborbital tourism.

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