NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building gets new artwork

nasa vab Artemis logo

A new year means a new theme for Kennedy Space Center’s most prominent building. So we say goodbye to the “Launch America” campaign this year and hello to the Artemis Program.

NASA started the Launch America campaign for SpaceX’s DM-2 mission in May of 2020. SpaceX’s crewed test flight was the first time since the Space Shuttle’s retirement to fly NASA astronauts on an American rocket. However, the campaign received criticism for being too nationalistic and now seems outdated since each operational flight from SpaceX has hosted an international astronaut.

The Launch America logo was applied to the VAB’s Low Bay side just before the final National Space Council meeting of President Trump’s term. Since then, it has stayed on, even with the new administration change that was less nationalistic. The campaign has also continued with each crewed flight since.

Now that crewed launches with SpaceX have become relatively routine, NASA is gearing up for the Artemis Program. The new Artemis Program graphic has replaced the Launch America graphic on the Low Bay.

After decades of delays, Artemis and the agency’s Space Launch System are finally seeing tangible progress. First, the SLS rocket for Artemis I is getting ready to roll out to LC-39B for the first time next month. Then a hopeful launch as soon as mid-February around the Moon and back to shake down the entire system.

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