Kerbal Space Program 2 is now in early access, but should you get it?

The highly anticipated sequel to one of the most popular space simulation games, Kerbal Space Program 2, is now available in early access after experiencing a few years of delays. While you can pick up this game for $50, the biggest question people have had so far is “should I?” There are a lot of factors that will play into this decision, and we will discuss some of them below. Ultimately, we can’t make the decision for you and it will require work on your end to make the final call.

What is early access and what is in the game now?

Early access is when a game is still undergoing active development and may be incomplete. Developers tend to launch games at this point to help identify bugs and ultimately tailor the gameplay experience for the fans. Essentially, it’s massive quality assurance for when the game fully launches and exits early access. The original Kerbal Space Program was in early access for a major part of its lifespan and eventually, the developers had to exit this period. As for why the developers chose to launch the game in early access, here is a quote from the Steam store page:

The core pillar of KSP2 is building and flying cool rockets. While we have additional features planned like colonies, interstellar travel, and multiplayer, we first want to hear back from players about the core fundamental experience. We believe that going through early access for KSP2 will ultimately allow us to build a better game through a supportive dialogue with our community.

Kerbal Space Program 2 Steam store page

In terms of what is in the game today, you can expect a slightly stripped-down version of stock KSP 1. You will be able to visit all the planets you know in the Kerbol system with many of the same and even some new parts.

Should I get Kerbal Space Program 2 now?

As it is stated above, you are the only one who can make that decision. I personally got the game when it launched last Friday because I’m in it for the long haul. If you’re considering the same thing, then be prepared to accept that there are major bugs that will directly impact gameplay, and know that while Intercept Games will be working to squash as many bugs as they can, it will take time and the first patch fix is slated to come in the next few weeks. It’s not going to be like those AAA games with massive studios behind them getting next-day, or sometimes even same-day, hotfixes for bugs.

If you’re on the fence about whether the game is currently in a state where you want to spend $50 on it, my recommendation is to keep watching Kerbal Space Program content creators, like Scott Manley, to see how the game is progressing and when new features in the roadmap above get added to the game. However, you do risk paying more the longer your wait. While I doubt the price will increase until the roadmap is mostly complete, it is possible it goes up before then.

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