Elon Musk wants Mars Base Alpha within the decade

Today Elon Musk restated the goal of having an active city on Mars within the decade. Development of SpaceX’s Mars rocket, Starship, is underway in Boca Chica, Texas.

Whether or not SpaceX will be able to achieve this ambitious goal remains to be seen. Elon is known for his optimistic timelines. Previously, SpaceX conceived of a “Red Dragon” capsule intended to propulsively land on Mars in 2018. This project was canceled in 2017. The current mission is to use a fleet of Starship vehicles to constantly send supplies and crew to a Martian colony named “Mars Base Alpha”.

Starship will be a versatile vehicle, with plans for many interactions. This will include versions for refueling, mass human transport, point-to-point earth transport, and if selected as NASA’s Human Lander System, a Lunar Starship to land humans on the moon.

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