Watch a tour of SpaceX’s Starbase facility with Everyday Astronaut [Part 1 of 3]

Elon Musk starbase

Over the weekend Tim Dodd, creator of Everyday Astronaut, walked around SpaceX’s Starbase facilities. The 3 part Starbase tour, given by Elon Musk himself with Everyday Astronaut, gave never before seen views of the facility.

In this first part of the interview, Musk and Dodd walked around the high and mid bays to discuss the current status of Starship. Musk went over Starship’s manufacturing difficulties and compared the process they take to what Tesla had to do with refining the production of their battery packs. A big takeaway from Musk was that manufacturing is a much bigger problem to solve than designing the rocket. Taking those ideas from paper and turning them into a real life, commercially viable option seems to be what a lot of time is being spent on nowadays.

In the video, you get to see up-close views of Booster 4 being stacked in the high bay, one of the booster’s grid fins, and SpaceX’s HLS mockup. In the short amount of time since the interview was filmed, SpaceX has fully integrated and transported Booster 4 to the launch site and began the final integration of Starship 20.

There are two more Starbase tour videos coming from Dodd. The first part ends on a slight cliffhanger with a discussion about SpaceX’s lunar Starship while they walk into a tent full of Raptor engines. No timeframe on when the next part of Everyday Astronaut’s Starbase tour will release. But it will be worth a wait for those looking for the nitty-gritty details.

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