Final episode of Netflix’s Inspiration4 documentary is now live

The long wait is over for anyone wanting to see what TIME has in store with their Netflix documentary Countdown, available now on Netflix.

Inspiration4, the mission to inspire generations to come with the first all civilian crew to orbit, launched and landed a week and a half ago. Leading up to the launch, the four crew members became stars to the nation as they pushed to raise $200 million for St. Jude, a goal they succeeded at.

Now the final episode of Netflix’s documentary of the Inspiration4 mission’s launch, stay in space, and return is available for those with subscriptions, or a family member’s login, to enjoy. The first four episodes covered Inspiration4’s crew selection and the training leading up to the historic launch. There we learned the backstories of how each of the three selected crew members learned about the mission. We saw how they bonded through mountain hiking, intense training at SpaceX, and through the need for speed in Jared Issacman’s collection of ex-military fighter jets. Now, we get to see their journey in space and back home.

Featured Image: Inspiration4 / John Kraus

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