Crayola celebrates World Space Week with discounts, educational materials, livestreams, and more

Crayola World Space Week

In order to help celebrate World Space Week, Crayola is offering daily live classes and downloadable space-themed coloring pages. Crayola is also offering 20% off all Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) kits.

Crayola educational videos and live streams

Crayola’s Education program, aimed at students and teachers, offers a class each weekday this week. Monday’s class was a classroom activity video, “Perfect Planet.” Tuesday, at 7 p.m. will be “Mindful Stargazing” targeted at teachers.

Wednesday’s class is “The Art of Learning Through Space.” Retired NASA Astronaut Nicole Scott will be joining the class, which takes place at 7 p.m. EST Wednesday.

Nicole Scott served as Flight Engineer for Expedition 20 and Expedition 21, and a mission specialist on STS-128 and 133. She hosted the first live “tweet-up” from space and was featured in a Super Bowl commercial promoting Girls Who Code.

On Thursday, Crayola will host a read along, draw along of the book Look Up With Me at 7 p.m. Finally on Friday, at 1 p.m. EST Facebook will release the home activity video “Out of this World Art.”

These will serve as great opportunities for younger kids to have a great time while learning a bit about space.


In addition to the online content, Crayola is doing more of what they do best, arts and crafts! Crayola offers a number of downloadable coloring pages featuring astronauts, cartoon rockets, aliens, and more. Crayola also hosts instructions for more involved projects for kids, such as a Blue Galaxy painting with tips for some creative was to use glue as paint for more 3D art.

20% off Steam kits and toys

In order to help foster kids’ creativity throughout space week, Crayola is offering 20% off STEAM kits and toys. They highlight STEAM Solar System Science kit for World Space Week, but this discount also includes kits like the STEAM Liquid Science kit, and STEAM Gross Science Kit. This discount brings the normally $20 kit down to $15.99.

This 20% discount lasts the duration of World Space Week, so you have until October 10 to take advantage of these lower prices.

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