Watch as Soyuz engine test rotates the International Space Station

The International Space Station made an unplanned rotation this morning, and the station’s on board cameras captured it.

This morning during testing of the engines on the Soyuz MS-18 capsule, the International Space Station unexpectedly rotated.

The station’s change in attitude was noticed by many on the ground, but the Station was soon returned to its normal attitude.

Roscosmos confirmed on Twitter the unexpected change came about as Soyuz MS-18 was testing it’s engines, but did not elaborate on what specifically caused the station to lose its orientation.

This is not the first time in recent memory the Station lost attitude control. When Russia’s new Nauka module going the ISS back in July, its thruster would not stop firing, spinning the station.

Once again, the live cameras on the outside of the ISS have capture the unexpected motion. Check out our time-lapse showing the how the attitude change, bringing the Earth of the camera’s view.

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