Relativity Space shares first look at the first Terran 1 first stage

In a new video from Relativity Space, we see the first stage of its Terran 1 vehicle receiving its paint coat. Terran 1 is expected to have its maiden launch in 2022.

Rockets typically use electroplating or paint to protect the bare metal from the elements.

Relativity Space took the public behind the scenes as they painted the Terran 1 first stage. However, this is no ordinary paint like you would use around the house. Instead, Relativity uses an electrostatic dissipative coating. This coating helps to prevent static buildup on the vehicle that could impact the electronic systems on board.

Completion of this step is just another step towards launch for Relativity. Initially planned for late 2021, the maiden launch of Terran 1 is now expected in early 2022.

Work at the launch site, LC-16, is swiftly moving along with the recent installation of the rainbird sound suppression system at the launchpad.

Relativity also sent off the Terran 1 Interstage (adapter between the first and second stages) to receive thermal treatment. The interstage will then receive its coating like the first stage.

We here at Space Explored are eagerly awaiting the first launch of Terran 1 and are excited to see what comes of Terran R.

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