Rare look inside the nosecone of SpaceX’s latest rocket [Video]

A leaked video from a SpaceX employee shows inside the nosecone of the company’s latest rocket – Starship.

SpaceX is hard at work on its Starship rocket in South Texas. A lot of the company’s work is on full display, as a public road runs alongside the build and launch site.

However, one view we don’t often get to see is inside the rocket. Perhaps we get a nice closeup look from Elon on Twitter every once in a while, but not often. A leaked video currently spreading around social media was taken inside the nosecone of one of the company’s prototype Starship vehicles.

While we have seen the inside of these nosecones before (thanks to some exploded rockets turned inside-out) this video provided a solid view of how much room is inside of current Starship prototypes while fully intact.

In the video, in addition to the metal structure inside the nosecone, you can see multiple COPV tanks. These composite overwrapped pressure vessels hold high-pressure gases. If you watched the videos of Starship exploding you may have seen some of these flying out of the fireballs.

Source unknown, will add credit if requested.

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