Firefly releases an update video ahead of its second launch

Firefly Aerospace has released an update video after a prolonged period of silence. Both the first and second stages for their Flight 2 vehicle have passed acceptance testing. There is no launch date currently.

Following the failure of its first flight, Firefly began investigating to find the root cause. The cause of the engine shutdown on the first flight was discovered and corrective action has been taken for future vehicles. In this update video, we see the Flight 2 first stage behind Firefly CEO Tom Markusic. They also show off the full duration acceptance testing both stages went through.

This update follows news that Firefly Aerospace Founder Max Polyakov sold his 58% stake in Firefly to Tom for $1. It was thought that Max’s departure from Firefly was with a mutual understanding between him and the U.S. Government, but it appears that was incorrect. In any case, Firefly plans to return to Vandenberg soon for their second flight and they are currently working on at least two additional vehicles that should launch later this year.

We here at Space Explored can’t wait to see Firefly back on the launch pad and wish everyone there the best of luck with their second attempt!

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