Falcon 9 inspired ‘American Broomstick’ is the new ‘space trampoline,’ purchases benefit Ukrainian relief funds

A new era of space travel is among us. No, it’s not a shiny rocket down on the border of Mexico or a 3D printed engine; it’s what Russia likes to call the “American Broomstick.” And you can get your own!

This week has been full of hard news from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Along with it has been the Director-General of the Russian space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, attempting to attack its western counterparts with sanctions of its own. However, these sanctions don’t seem to be hurting US companies as much as the use of Russian engines has been planned to be phased out already.

After denying The West of its engines, Rogozin told us we could get to space on one of our world-class broomsticks. Usually, these are only available to billionaires, large companies, and governments, but Jeda Products has found a way to bring them to the consumer.

For $20.22, you can get your own “American Broomstick” and launch to space however and whenever you wish. Designed after the most popular broomstick, SpaceX’s Falcon 9, it is available for preorder and will start shipping to a spaceport near you, aka your doorstep, in April.

The profit from each sale will be donated to a Ukrainian relief fund of your choice.

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