Pictures of SpaceX Crew-5 launch to the ISS [Update] And video!

spacex crew-5 walkout

On October 5, SpaceX launched its fifth operational flight of its Crewed Dragon for NASA. Launching four astronauts to the station for a six month stay on the station. Here or photos from our team of the launch of SpaceX Crew-5.

Crew walkout

Like how all crewed missions have started from Kennedy Space Center, the crew walked out to meet the press and say final goodbyes to family. This ramp is the same place first humans to step foot on the Moon stood, as well as every crew that flew on the Space Shuttle.

Crew-5 members

  • Nicole Mann (NASA, Commander)
  • Josh Cassada (NASA, Pilot)
  • Koichi Wakata (JAXA, Mission Specialist 1)
  • Anna Kikina (Roscosmos, Mission Specialist 2)

Photos from Derek Wise:

Photos from Jared Locke:


Photos from Derek Wise:

Photos from Jared Locke:

Photos from Jared Sanders:

Update: We now have gorgeous slow motion video of the launch thanks to Derek Wise:

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