Space hardware provider Nanoracks starts StarLab Oasis to fight climate change and food insecurity

Starlab Oasis launched by Nanoracks.

Late last month Nanoracks announced the launch of a new company, StarLab Oasis. The company is aimed at addressing desertification, climate change, water scarcity, and food security.

Starlab Oasis is one of a growing number of agriculture technology companies.


Nanoracks was founded in 2009 and has quickly become a major name for in-space services. They offer satellite deployment from the International Space Station, act as a broker for rideshare satellite missions, and have the first commercial airlock on the ISS.

The Nanoracks Bishop Airlock was launched on a SpaceX Dragon capsule during the CRS-21 mission to the ISS. It is used to deploy small satellites and other payloads for NASA as well as commercial customers.

StarLab Oasis

Nanoracks announcement of the launch of StarLab Oasis highlights the importance of the work they are doing. Part of a partnership with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office they plan to focus on growing the ecosystem both in the region and around the world. They will rely on the experience Nanoracks already has with plant growth in space while bringing in an international team of researchers in fields of bioengineering, plant sciences, robotics, automated software, and more.

By finding ways to grow food in otherwise harsh and infertile regions like deserts, they hope to offset the world’s growing deserts while creating more sustainable and efficient food production.

StarLab Oasis will provide the technology and access necessary to overcome the direst challenges facing our Earth today, from climate change to water scarcity, and to one day in turn, help sustain tomorrow’s farmers, innovators, and space explorers. We believe passionately that our growing utilization of the space environment can reap results that will change the lives for billions of people suffering from an increasingly fragile food security chain, and being uprooted because of fundamental and historic changes in the climate.

Jeffrey Manber, Nanoracks CEO

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