Nanoracks Stories January 4

In an interview with Observer, Nanoracks founder and CEO Jeff Manber dishes on his company’s ambitious plan to change how we treat dead rocket upper stages that make up the graveyard orbit around the planet.

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Nanoracks Stories December 23, 2020

Earlier this week we saw the first installation of a commercially developed airlock from Nanoracks on the International Space Station. Now CNBC reports that Voyager Space Holdings will acquire the company behind the Bishop Airlock.

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Nanoracks Stories December 21, 2020

Saturday evening was an eventful one for the International Space Station. Over the weekend, the ISS robotics team completed the “cold” installation of the Bishop Airlock, the first commercially funded airlock to reach the space station. The Nanoracks-built airlock arrived in the trunk of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule as part of the recent CRS-21 resupply mission.

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