Nanoracks announces Starlab, the first-ever commercial space station, coming 2027

Starlab commercial space station nanoracks

You will likely recognize the name “Nanoracks” for its Bishop airlock that launched to the International Space Station last year, but this project will forever cement the name “Nanoracks” in the history books. Today, Nanoracks introduced Starlab, the first-ever continuously crewed, commercial, free-flying space station.

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HP/Intel veteran Dr. Cheryl Shavers named to Voyager Space Holdings Board of Directors

Voyager Space Holdings has selected Dr. Cheryl Shavers to serve on the space investment company’s Board of Directors. Voyager recently made headlines for announcing plans to purchase the ambitious space firm Nanoracks.

Voyager Space acquiring Nanoracks, reportedly investing $50 million in company behind new ISS airlock in 2021

Earlier this week we saw the first installation of a commercially developed airlock from Nanoracks on the International Space Station. Now CNBC reports that Voyager Space Holdings will acquire the company behind the Bishop Airlock.

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