Inspiration4 crew speaks with St. Jude patients while in orbit [Video]

Inspiration4 Crew in orbit speaking with St. Jude patients.

The Inspiration4 mission launched four civilians into orbit on a Dragon capsule Wednesday night. The crew member has a call with St. Jude patients to talk and answer questions about their time in space.

The Inspiration4 crew consists of Jared Isaacman, Hayley Arceneaux, Dr. Sian Proctor, and Chris Sembroski. After their journey into space on Wednesday the crew enjoyed 5.5 orbits around Earth while performing their first round of scientific research before going to bed for the first night.

The Inspiration4 crew has since had calls with their families and Elon Musk, as well as patients at St. Jude.

The whole Inspiration4 mission has centered around a major fundraising campaign for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital from the very beginning. During the call with St. Jude patients, the crew talked about sleeping in space, why they wanted to go into space, and showed off the Dragon’s new Cupola. St. Jude shared a video of the call on YouTube.

If you would like to stay up-to-date with the latest from the Inspiration4 crew, SpaceX will be going live on YouTube at 5 p.m. Eastern with the crew.

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