Black Friday deal takes $300 off eVscope eQuinox smartphone-controlled telescope

Earlier this year, I reviewed the eVscope eQuinox. Now, the smart telescope is $300 cheaper, down to $2,699. It may not be the latest scope from Unistellar, but not much changed between the eQuinox and the eVscope 2, so it may be worth taking this deal. Head below the fold to see if this deal is right for you!

The eVscope eQuinox was released this summer as Unistellar’s second smart telescope. It brings smartphone control and an all-in-one experience to astrophotography.

With just a simple app, available for iPhone and Android, you can command the telescope to go to various deep sky objects. The telescope finds the right location based on the star it sees in the sky. From there, hitting the “enhance vision” button will start stacking the photos, showing otherwise invisible deep sky objects.

The digital telescope is expensive, normally $2,999, but it has been marked down $300 for Black Friday weekend. The scope is now $2,699 at Amazon and on Unistellar’s website (though Unistellar’s website requires you to pay an extra $59 for shipping). It’s still a lot to pay for a telescope, especially one with no optical eyepiece, but if you’re looking for an all-in-one experience this is it!

In my recent review of Unistellar’s next product, the eVscope 2, I wrote:

In my opinion, the main question if you are in the market for an all-in-one scope, and willing to spend the money, is whether to go with the eVscope 2 or the eQuinox. Either will provide a great experience, so how much do you value the slightly wider field of view and electronic eyepiece of the eVscope 2?

eVscope eQuinox$2,699 w/ free shipping on Amazon until November 30

eVscope eQuinox (with bundled backpack): $3,128 w/ free shipping on Amazon until November 30

eVscope 2 (backpack included): $4,199 + $59 shipping on Unistellar’s website

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