Unistellar Stories March 22

Unistellar is a start-up building the most powerful digital telescopes that allow the average user to not only enjoy the beauty of the night sky but also contribute to scientific research and discoveries using nothing but the iPhone or iPad. We reviewed Unistellar’s eVscope a few months back, and today the company announced its new digital telescope tailored towards the scientific community: the eQuinox.

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Unistellar Stories March 2

Unistellar, the company behind the eVscope smart telescope is putting on a Messier Marathon that they hope will break the record for the largest event of its kind. The event will be full of amateur and professional astronomers gazing at the sky to find as many Messier objects as they can and will include a week of outreach events to get more people into astronomy.

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Unistellar Stories November 27, 2020

Astronomy is a field that is often complex for the casual observer. In combination with the iPhone and Apple TV, the Unistellar Enhanced Vision telescope demystifies the complexities and provides an approachable viewing experience. Read more to see our experience.

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