How many exoplanets have been discovered?

NASA estimates that the Milky Way Galaxy is home to at least 100 billion planets. Others believe it could be anywhere from 200-300 billion. Using data from exoplanet-hunting missions such as Kepler, Gaia, and now James Webb, we can identify and confirm their existence. So, how many exoplanets have been discovered?

China publishes, then deletes, report saying it may have picked up signals from an alien civilization

Chinese researchers say they’ve picked up the trace of signals that could be from an alien civilization, according to the now-deleted report published by the country’s science ministry.

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Astronomers witness white dwarf star rapidly ‘switch on and off’

Astronomers have discovered a new astronomical phenomenon in which a white dwarf star has been switching “off and on,” with its brightness abruptly dimming and intensifying in just 30 minutes.

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Review: Unistellar eVscope reveals the excitement of astronomy with iPhone and Apple TV

Astronomy is a field that is often complex for the casual observer. In combination with the iPhone and Apple TV, the Unistellar Enhanced Vision telescope demystifies the complexities and provides an approachable viewing experience. Read more to see our experience.

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