Sierra Space nearly doubling workforce with 1,000 new jobs in Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, & North Carolina

Sierra Space, a space company with extensive experience in space missions that is currently developing its Dream Chaser space plane, is looking to hire 1,000 new employees, nearly doubling its current 1,100 employee workforce.

Sierra Space’s $1.4 Billion funding round

Last November, Sierra Space raised $1.4 billion in funding. The company said at the time this funding would be used to “accelerate the realization of Sierra Space’s vision of enabling humanity to build civilizations in space, while enhancing life on Earth.”

Sierra Space has multiple different products under development at the current time. The company’s Dream Chaser space plan is set to begin (cargo) flights to the International Space Station early next year. Dream Chaser is also set to become a crew vehicle, and many future iterations to meet various design requirements, such as the defense-focused DC300, will be created.

In addition to space launches themselves, Sierra Space is working on developing modules for more extended stays in space, its LIFE habitat. The inflatable multi-story habitat can bring lots of pressurized volume to on-orbit environments (and future surface based habitats on the Moon or Mars). Making use of both of these solutions is Sierra Space’s planned space station, Orbital Reef.

The Orbital Reef commercial space station is being developed in partnership with Blue Origin, Boeing, and others to serve as an on-orbit research and manufacturing ‘business park.’ The station, aiming to reach operation status around 2026, we be large enough to support in-space manufacturing, while the ISS is mostly small-scale research and experimentation.

Initially, probably research in things like exotic glass, new fibers, optical fibers. We’re going to be working with different companies and academia, understanding for instance the process of a thin film deposition processes that might, as an example – and this is some real projects going on today – artificial retina production in space right now. That’s some work that’s occurring right now.

Ken Shields, Dir. Commercial Market Development, Sierra Space

1,000 new jobs at Sierra Space

Following this funding round, Sierra Space is looking to hire 1,000 new employees. According to the company, the ‘majority’ of these jobs will be based in Colorado, where the company is headquartered, but they also include jobs in Florida, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. This large workforce will be necessary to support the companies big goals, and “build the next generation of space transportation systems and in-space destinations for low-Earth orbit (LEO) commercialization.”

Sierra Space is at the doorstep of unlocking this next generation of space, led by the launch of our Dream Chaser spaceplane. We are seeking the brightest minds who are inspired by our mission and pioneering spirit to join us at Sierra Space.

Tom Vice, CEO Sierra Space

The hiring seems to be for a wide variety of career types, ranging from Financial Analysts to Mechanical, Launch Systems, and Aerospace Engineers. Anyone who has been looking to join a company that looks poised to be a major player in the next generation of space access should give these jobs a look, as the currently listed 700 new jobs will be joined by 300 more by the mid year in categories like IT, HR, security, manufacturing, and more. Sierra Space is even hiring remote positions.

This seems like still just the start of Sierra Space’s growth. When we spoke with Ken Shields, Sierra Space’s Director of Commercial Market Development, earlier this year, he said that the company plans to put up a “pretty significant” operation and facilities in Florida, looking to support hundreds of jobs. Many of these Florida careers will be based in new facilities near Space Florida’s launch and landing facility, formerly the Shuttle landing facility.

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