Elon Musk sends second batch of Starlink terminals to Ukraine, with Tesla Powerwalls and off-the-grid power solutions

Upon request, SpaceX quickly took action to help Ukraine stay online during Russia’s invasion. In late February, SpaceX sent the first batch of Starlink user terminals to help keep the country online through infrastructure outages. The terminals have already helped keep the country connected and emergency services online, but Elon Musk’s company is not done helping in ways that governments around the world cannot.

The second batch of Starlink terminals arrived in Ukraine today, and this time, based on the box size, they appear to be the updated rectangular terminals rather than the original round terminal.

In addition to the user terminals themselves, SpaceX also sent over power solutions to help keep the terminals online during power outages. In a reply, Elon Musk said these included “power adapters for car cigarette lighters, solar/battery packs and generators for places where electricity is not available.”

Based on an internal email first obtained by CNBC, these battery packs being sent to the country are Tesla Powerwall units:

*Tesla teamed up with SpaceX to provide coverage expansion for its Starlink services to help provide an alternative internet infrastructure.
*Volunteers across the Giga Berlin and Germany Service team responded quickly on Sunday to test, configure, pack and ship several hundred Starlink units which have already been gratefully received by Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Minister. In true Tesla fashion, the solution has been put together in less than 3 days.
*On top of this the Energy team supplemented the Starlink roll out with a fleet Powerwalls. The system included PV inverters given by our Certified installer network, pre-made DC cables given by one of our Supercharger Installation Partners and AC cables made out out of scrap from Giga Berlin. All of it assembled by a team of (40+) volunteers from across the EMEA organization, committed to doing what they can to support.

The combination of all of these new power solutions and terminals should help keep some of the most vital communications online even in total infrastructure outages.

Elon Musk’s companies Tesla and SpaceX are working closely together to help provide support to Ukraine. Tesla has provided free supercharging in countries neighboring Ukraine, and it’s providing at least three months’ pay to Ukrainian employees who return to defend the country.

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