SNL star Pete Davidson on crew of 6 headed to space with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin

Blue Origin is preparing for its fourth human flight, and as previously rumored, SNL star Pete Davidson will take the flight this time around.

Alongside Pete Davidson will be five paying customers: Marty Allen, Sharon Hagle, Marc Hagle, Jim Kitchen, and Dr. George Nield.

This flight will be NS-20, and it is scheduled for March 23 from the company’s West Texas launch site.

It seems with each crewed New Shepard launch the company seeks out a new celebrity to be the headline passenger on its voyage to space. While with the very first launch we saw Jeff Bezos himself take the ride, on the crew missions since then William Shatner and Michael Strahan have been these celebrity passengers.

The comedian who’s starred in such films as “The King of Staten Island” and “The Suicide Squad” joins entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders… and he certainly stands out among them.

Marty Allen is the former CEO of Party America, where he “lead the company through a bankruptcy restructuring and the acquisition of several competitors,” and former CEO of California Closet Company, where he lead the company to record profitability.

Sharon Hagle founded SpaceKids Global backing 2015. Through annual challenges, the nonprofit aims to inspire kids to pursue careers in space industries. The nonprofit has reached over 100,00 students, in part through its partnership with Girl Scouts of Citrus County. She is joined by her husband, Marc Hagle, who is the president and CEO of Tricor International, a property development company.

Jim Kitchen is a lifelong space fan and explorer. From watching Apollo launches as a child to promoting LEO trips with a startup in his college days, after visiting every U.N. recognized country it is only fitting that space is his next stop.

Dr. George Nield is the president of Commercial Space Technologies LLC. The former associate administrator of the FAA’s company is designed to promote and facilitate space activities. He previously served as the manager of the Flight Integration Office on the Space Shuttle program.

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