When can I get Starlink? New availability map shows waitlisted / currently available locations

By far the most commonly asked question on SpaceX’s Starlink service seems to be “when can I get it!” There are many locations around the US that are currently waitlisted, but some have Starlink currently available. Now, Starlink’s website has gained a map that shows where Starlink can accept new customers and where you must wait.

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Now, on the homepage of the Starlink website, there is a map pointer icon. When clicked, it brings up a MapBox & OpenStreetMap powered map of the world.

Where most of the world is gray, the “Currently Available” and “Waitlist” locations are noted in light green and dark green respectively.

Looking specifically at the US, many cities are currently on “Waitlist” status. Part of this is due to the limited number of people that the Starlink constellation of satellites can support. There are a limited number of satellites overhead. As the density of the Starlink satellites in the sky becomes higher with more launches (and eventually V2 satellites) the network will be able to support more users at any given location.

If Starlink isn’t available now in your area, but you know you are interested in using the service, it may be worth putting signing up to hold your spot in line. In waitlisted areas, Starlink is taking $99 deposits. In areas where Starlink is at capacity, the site notes that “Starlink is currently at capacity in your area, so your order may not be fulfilled until 2023 or later. You will receive a notification once your Starlink is ready to ship.”

Starlink prices recently increased, up to $599 for the hardware and $110 per month. Those who already had their deposits in before the increase can get it for a reduced $549.

If you want to know if Starlink is currently available at your location, check out your location on the availability map.

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