How to watch Axiom-1, the first entirely private mission to the International Space Station

SpaceX and NASA are preparing to launch Axiom Space’s first mission to the International Space Station tomorrow, for a 10-day stay in space. Here’s how to watch Axiom-1 launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Launched by SpaceX, expect the full coverage we are used to from all of its past launches, along with the expanded coverage we see during its crewed flights. The launch is set for 11:17 a.m. EDT on Friday from LC-39A at NASA‘s Kennedy Space Center. This pad has been the home to so many historic launches, and Axiom-1 will only add to its history.

Watch Axiom-1 online

SpaceX and Axiom will begin their coverage at 7:55 a.m., where you can watch the Axiom-1 crew go from SpaceX’s Hanger X facility to LC-39A for suit-up and launch. You can find the livestream at Axiom Space or SpaceX’s YouTube channels. NASA will also join in the coverage at 10:00 a.m. EDT everywhere you find NASA TV.

The four Axiom-1 crew members will start their journey at Hanger X, where SpaceX houses and refurbishes its Falcon 9 boosters. Then, they will be driven in Tesla Model Xs down to SpaceX’s own suit-up room at LC-39A. This differs from NASA missions, where the crew uses the historic crew quarters located at the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building. Once in their flight suits, the crew will make one last short drive in the Teslas to the top of LC-39A’s launch mount to board their ride to space.

Axiom-1 mission overview

Axiom-1 is NASA’s, SpaceX’s, and Axiom’s first private mission to the ISS. While this won’t be the station’s first – as Russia has done them for several years – this mission doesn’t include any active Russian or NASA astronauts, just private citizens, and it’s up to Axiom to decide what its crew members do. Onboard SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft will be four crew members. One is an Axiom employee and former NASA astronaut who will be commanding the mission. The other three are paying customers.

Axiom-1 crew

  • Michael López-Alegría (Spacecraft Commander)
  • Larry Connor (Pilot)
  • Mark Pathy (Mission Specialist)
  • Eytan Stibbe (Mission Specialist)

After the launch, Axiom will host a post-launch press conference and an inflight event depending on the crew’s schedule. Stay tuned to Space Explored for updates on the launch and when these events occur.

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