Can I use Starlink away from my home address? & more commonly asked questions about Starlink Portability

SpaceX recently launched a new add-on service for Starlink that allows customers to use the service from anywhere in the same continent as their home address.

Yes! Starlink recently launched a new portability add-on feature that allows customers to upgrade their account to use the Starlink terminal anywhere in the same continent as their home address. Previously, Starlink customers were limited to using the Starlink terminals in a “cell” around their home address.

When used outside of a customer’s home location, the service may be reduced based on the network usage in that area.

On the account page in the Starlink app, you can enable the portability feature. The support page notes that this change takes effect immediately and the customer will be charged for the entire month on the upcoming billing cycle.

No. While a mobile version of Starlink has been talked about for some time, the portability add-on simply allows the terminal to be used in areas away from the home address and is not intended for use on a moving vehicle.

The FAQ notes that using Starlink in motion voids the kit’s warranty.

No In-Motion Use: We do not support Starlink use in motion at this time. Using the Starlink Kit in motion will void the limited warranty of your Kit. While our teams are actively working to make it possible to use Starlink on moving vehicles (e.g., automobiles, RVs, boats), Starlink is not yet configured to be safely used in this way.

How much does Starlink’s Portability feature cost?

The add-on portability feature for Starlink costs an additional $25 per month, on top of the usual $110 monthly cost in the United States. In other countries, this cost varies slightly, but it equates to roughly the equivalent of $25USD in most places.

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