‘Oumuamua is still lurking somewhere in the outer Solar System

ʻOumuamua is the first known interstellar object detected passing through the Solar System. Researchers at Harvard’s Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics made waves in the mainstream media after publishing a paper claiming the object may have had an “artificial origin”—Presenting speculation that ‘Oumuamua could have been sent “intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization.”

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Harvard science professor believes interstellar object Oumuamua was alien tech, not rogue comet

Our solar system was visited by its first known interstellar object called Oumuamua in 2017. Astronomers observed and collected data on the strange object for 11 days, but the scientific community can’t seem to agree on what the object was even now.

For the extraterrestrial minded, Harvard University Professor of Science Abraham “Avi” Loeb has presented his belief of what Oumuamua actually was…

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