SpaceX engineers want your questions for a Reddit AMA on Crew Dragon technology

Have a burning question to ask SpaceX? Six software engineers who worked on the technology inside the Crew Dragon capsule will be hosting an Ask Me Anything Q&A session on Reddit on Saturday.

The spacecraft named Dragonship Endeavour was flown by NASA astronauts to the space station on May 30, making history as the first SpaceX machine to send humans to space.

Reddit AMA

SpaceX is fielding all types of questions including topics like, “Dragon, software, and working at SpaceX.”

The AMA page started taking questions one day before the scheduled Q&A, with nearly 1,000 questions posted in the first hour. Reddit users can upvote the best questions to increase visibility before the event.

SpaceX Team

These SpaceX team members will be participating in the Reddit AMA:

  • Jeff Dexter: I run Flight Software and Cybersecurity at SpaceX

  • Josh Sulkin: I am the software design lead for Crew Dragon

  • Wendy Shimata: I manage the Dragon software team and worked fault tolerance and safety on Dragon

  • John Dietrick: I lead the software development effort for Demo-2

  • Sofian Hnaide: I worked on the Crew Displays software for Demo-2

  • Matt Monson: I used to work on Dragon, and now lead Starlink software

SpaceX’s 90-minute Reddit AMA starts on Saturday, June 6, at 3 p.m. ET.

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