[UPDATE: Tent Completed] Scoop: SpaceX adding to their footprint at Port Canaveral with a new tent structure

Those going out to see the latest booster return and droneship departures may have noticed a new structure being erected in the SpaceX area. Permits detail this new tent as a roughly 40′ square with the walls consisting of containers. The canopy being constructed will sit atop these containers.

This tent is going to be located on the southeast side of the Fairing Storage Tent. Seavan containers were recently spotted in this new tent location. These containers are commonly used in the shipping industry and are easy to come by in ports.

Both SpaceX Port Canaveral Tents | Image Credit: Jared-Base

The containers did have a similar appearance to those used on the current droneships. This lead to the theory that they were potentially for A Shortfall of Gravitas, SpaceX’s newest droneship being built in Louisiana. But we now know that they will be for this tent due to permits found in a public record search and observations of new structures being built on the ASOG droneship.

We know that the new tent will have Seavan containers as walls from this permit too. SpaceX provided the Canaveral Port Authority a side view of the new tent. Above you can clearly see the outline of 4 total Seavan containers stacked 2 high on both sides. These containers will make up the walls of the tent.

However, the permit does not detail what all will be stored inside, but it is safe to assume that it will likely be general storage of equipment. It could also be supplementary to the Fairing Storage Tent. We’ve recently seen SpaceX launch a fairing for the fifth time. Pushing what the industry thought was possible with reusability for orbital-class rockets.

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