Port Canaveral Stories July 2

Those going out to see the latest booster return and droneship departures may have noticed a new structure being erected in the SpaceX area. Permits detail this new tent as a roughly 40′ square with the walls consisting of containers. The canopy being constructed will sit atop these containers.

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Port Canaveral Stories April 1

SpaceX isn’t the only company that employs a fleet of ships to help with launching their rockets to space. United Launch Alliance also has a ship built to transport its rockets from their facilities along the Mississippi River to the company’s launch sites on the east and west coasts.

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Port Canaveral Stories March 17

In the last 2 weeks, SpaceX has launched 3 Starlink missions with a total of 180 satellites deployed into low Earth orbit. SpaceX has been increasing its launch cadence all year, pushing what some thought was possible. With increased operations at the port to get the just received droneship back out to sea, SpaceX churned out Starlink missions like they were routine.

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