Ovens, wifi, and toilets: Elon Musk promises these improvements on future SpaceX spaceflights

It’s hard to believe that SpaceX has only just started launching people to space, but that’s practically the case with just four crewed missions under their belt since last year. DM-2, Crew-1, and Crew-2 missions for NASA saw the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft send humans to the International Space Station. The journey inside Dragon wasn’t also the destination as it was for Inspiration4.

What changes when the experience in Dragon is tested by ordinary people for whom the SpaceX spacecraft is also the endpoint in space? SpaceX founder Elon Musk has weighed in with some early suggestions that range from cooking methods to waste management.

Musk appears to have attended a special VIP event held for the Inspiration4 crew and their friends and family on Monday night following Dragon splashdown on Saturday.

“Just met with the [Inspiration4] crew in Florida to congratulate them in person,” Musk tweeted. “Such great people!”

Inspiration4 marked the first SpaceX mission in which an all-civilian crew flew to space to spend three days in low Earth orbit; no NASA astronauts or International Space Station docking included.

During the mission highlighted by an effort to raise $200 million for ending childhood cancer, the four person crew turned to a staple in the category of leftover meals: cold pizza. The crew also loaded up iPad mini tablets with in-flight entertainment including the cornerstone film Space Balls as seen during descent.

When asked if heated pizza could be on the table for the next mission that follows Inspiration4, the SpaceX CEO responded positively.

“Yeah, a little oven for heating food [and] Starlink wifi,” Musk replied.

Another question posed online changed the topic from culinary choices to bathroom comforts.

“Definitely upgraded toilets,” Musk responded when asked about the possibility of heated toilet seats in space. “We had some challenges with it this flight.”

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your level of curiosity, Elon opted not to elaborate … at least for now. Challenges with waste management during the three day stay in space for Inspiration4 were referenced by SpaceX Director Benji Reed near the conclusion of the recent all-civilian mission.

Perhaps we’ll learn more about this (and future toilet upgrades) in the final installment of the Inspiration4 docuseries on Netflix on September 30. Either way, trust us at Space Explored to stay on top of this riveting space topic.

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