A look back at Doug Hurley’s 21-year career as a NASA Astronaut

Douglas Hurley sts-135 to spacex dm-2

Friday, July 16th, NASA announced that veteran astronaut Doug Hurley will retire from his career within the Astronaut Office. Hurley’s career has spanned the retirement of the shuttle, activation of SpaceX’s dragon, and an overall change in NASA’s culture.

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SpaceX DM-2 spacesuits on display at Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex for a limited time

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex has unveiled a new display for SpaceX’s next-generation spacesuits worn by astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken on the historic DM-2 Crew Dragon mission to the ISS in May of 2020.

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Discovery and Science channels Demo-2 coverage nominated for two Daytime Emmy awards

Earlier today, the nominees for the 48th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were announced. Among the nominees, was the Discovery and Science Channel’s coverage of the United States’ historic return to Crewed Spaceflight last year, Demo-2.

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