White House congratulates NASA and James Webb team

Over the weekend, we finally got to watch the James Webb Space Telescope begin its journey to space. The long-awaited telescope launch was followed by celebrations from both the President and Vice-President.

Jame Webb’s launch and mission were/are risky; a lot of money, time, and effort went into building Webb, and a lot can still go wrong.

Congratulations NASA and all who made today’s launch of the James Webb telescope possible. Webb is a shining example of the power of what we can accomplish when we dream big. We’ve always known that this project would be a risky endeavor, but with big risk comes big rewards.

President Joe Biden

“Big rewards” is right. Webb will have the ability to peer back further than any other telescope has before. Seeing the lower wavelengths of infrared light that the iconic Hubble Space Telescope cannot let us see early galaxy formations. Of course, all of this is possible only if Webb’s team of ground controllers can get it to its correct orbit and the scope doesn’t face a failure during one of its many instrument deployments.

This launch from NASA is an important moment in history. The Webb telescope will allow us to make new advancements in science and our understanding of the universe. Congratulations to everyone who helped make this million-mile journey begin!

Vice President Kamala Harris

So far, the telescope has successfully deployed its solar array and antenna assembly. However, there is plenty more to do over the next month as we wait and see if the decades of delays were worth the wait.

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