White House commits to no more destructive anti-satellite tests

During remarks at Vandenberg Space Force Base, Vice President Kamala Harris said that the US would take a stance and no longer conduct destructive anti-satellite tests and hopes to lead the globe on the “rules and norms” of space.

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White House congratulates NASA and James Webb team

Over the weekend, we finally got to watch the James Webb Space Telescope begin its journey to space. The long-awaited telescope launch was followed by celebrations from both the President and Vice-President.

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President Biden sets new role for National Space Council with five new members

On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris chaired her first meeting of the National Space Council (NSpC) of the new administration. Before this meeting, we were unsure how Biden’s NSpC would work, but it’s clear now it will continue the work President Trump forged – but now also climate change.

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Watch Vice President Kamala Harris chair her inaugural National Space Council meeting

Vice President Kamala Harris heads up her first National Space Council meeting since the Biden administration took office in January. Learn more about the meeting here.

President Biden renews National Space Council

The National Space Council which was reestablished in 2017 by President Trump to plan the United State’s space policy is being renewed by President Biden. This comes after a several months’ wait to hear the fate of the council and the User Advisory Group.

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Vice President Kamala Harris speaks with Astronaut Victor Glover while in space

In celebration of Black History Month Vice President Kamala Harris was invited on board to the ISS to speak virtually with Astronaut Victor Glover about what it is like to be in space.