What it was like for SpaceX’s fairing catchers after a rocket launch [Video]

SpaceX retired their two fairing catching ships earlier this year and moved on to contracted vessels for scooping the fairings out of the water. Below is a look at what trying to catching those fairings looked like for the crew.

[Update: Ms. Chief leaves port] Port Canaveral bids farewell to SpaceX fairing catcher GO Ms. Tree

With the inclusion of Shelia Bordelon as SpaceX’s newest fairing recovery ship and confirmation from Elon Musk that fairings will no longer be caught with a net. The time has come to bid farewell to one of the long-time loves of the SpaceX fleet.

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[Confirmed: Seen with test fairing] SpaceX could add a colorful new ship to their growing fleet

While the rocket boosters and drone ships get all the fame on live streams there’s a fleet of hard-working support ships that follow along to make sure SpaceX’s missions go on without any issues. These ships all with unique roles during each mission support SpaceX’s goal to make rides to space cheaper.

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