SpaceX’s new Falcon Heavy extended payload fairing will likely not be recovered

Falcon extended payload fairing payload diagram

In SpaceX’s most recent Falcon user’s guide, they released more detailed information about the long-awaited extended payload fairings was released; and it seems that these larger fairing halves will not be recovered.

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[UPDATE: New Pictures] Scoop: SpaceX purchases and outfits two ships, potentially for fairing recovery

A photo was shared in a Facebook Group that appears to show 2 vessels in the midst of being outfitted. The post shared a tip that SpaceX purchased these two ships for operations on the east coast. One of the vessels clearly brands a SpaceX logo, while the other is being worked on and sharing the same color scheme. So we looked into it…

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What it was like for SpaceX’s fairing catchers after a rocket launch [Video]

SpaceX retired their two fairing catching ships earlier this year and moved on to contracted vessels for scooping the fairings out of the water. Below is a look at what trying to catching those fairings looked like for the crew.