Russia’s Prichal arrives at the ISS, bringing five new docking ports

On Friday morning, Russian docked its new Prichal module to the Earth-facing side of the International Space Station.

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[Update: NASA on-duty flight director interview] Watch the moment things went wrong when Nauka joined the ISS [Video]

Earlier this week Russia launched their newest module to the International Space Station. After a rough orbit insertion, Nauka caused even more issues when it started firing its thrusters while attached to the International Space Station. Video shows Nauka’s docking mishap.

[UPDATE: New OFT-2 Launch Date] New Space Station module causes loss of attitude control; Control since regained

The new “Nauka” Space Station module arrived at the ISS early this morning. Since then, it has caused the station to lose attitude control by firing its thrusters without being commanded. The ISS has since regained attitude control.

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[Update: Nauka module arrived at ISS] New International Space Station module ‘Nauka’ overcomes issues while in orbit

On July 21st, a new module to join the International Space Station launched on a Proton rocket into orbit. Since then numerous issues with the Nauka module have cropped up, but recently, it seems to be trending well.

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