Could Tesla’s robot be SpaceX’s Robonaut? It wouldn’t be the first humanoid to go to space

Tesla bot on mars

Last week Tesla pulled a “One more thing” and announced they are working on an autonomous robot powered by their Full Self Driving neural net. Many have questioned the companies choice but there could be a clever reason for Elon’s madness. Yes, it includes Tesla Bots on Mars, it’s always about Mars.

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SpaceX works on new high bay, Blue Origin fighting for HLS, Mass simulator on SLS, & more top stories

This week, SpaceX has continued their work at Starbase, 34 more OneWeb satellites were launched into orbit, and SLS has gained its Orion mass simulator.

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Tesla robot going to Mars, Starship flap design changes, and more Elon tweets

This week, Tesla has been a mainstay of the news. Their AI day served as a recruitment tool as they unveiled their Dojo super-computer and a Tesla robot.

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