Skittles announce new Zero-G candy in celebration of their flight to space on Blue Origin’s New Shepard

Update: Skittles will not be selling these in stores but rather giving a select few away on their social media platforms.

Along with the fancy watches, sapphire dotted wings, and national media attention, the crew of Blue Origin’s NS-16 flight also carried some Skittles with them to space. Now the company will give away a number of limited-edition Skittles Zero-G pack of the candies on their social media channels.

While in zero-g, the NS-16 crew did an assortment of activities to show they were, in fact, weightless. Between backflips and passing ping-pong balls they also tossed Skittles into each other’s mouths.

Playing with your food is a common thing to do while in space. Astronauts on the ISS have shared the ways they eat and drink while in zero-g and say it’s usually the most fun part of being up there. Skittles is hopping on the train of that flight and bring out their own space-themed candy.

Alongside the Skittles Zero-G Candy, the company also announced they donated to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. They join Jeff Bezos who also donated to the museum in order to help fund a learning center.


 Hot off the heels of SKITTLES® leaving Earth’s atmosphere for the first time ever earlier this week, the brand is excited to announce it’s creating a new, limited-edition Zero-G pack. Tried and tested in space, we can guarantee our product actually floats when you are out there. 

Designed for all your extraterrestrial and earthly travels, the new Zero-G pack features intergalactic, aluminum packaging, and is filled with the blue and purple candies you know and love from the brand, featuring Pineapple Passionfruit, Raspberry and Berry Punch. 

Mars Wrigley Launches Limited Edition Zero-G SKITTLES® to Commemorate the Brand’s First Trip To Space, Creating Better Moments and More Smiles For Extraterrestrial Travels.

“SKITTLES is always looking for ways to surprise fans, both earthlings and extraterrestrials, with shocking innovation,” said Fernando Rodrigues, Mars Wrigley Senior Brand Manager for SKITTLES. “We’re thrilled to bring better moments to fans by marking SKITTLES’ first trip to space with limited edition packs and look forward to pushing the boundaries of confectionery space exploration.”

Fans should follow @Skittles for details on how they might be lucky enough to get their hands on the limited edition Zero-G packs later this summer. As part of the brand’s expansion into extraterrestrial confections, SKITTLES is proud to make a donation to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in support of inspiring the next generation of innovators and explorers.

via Mars Wrigley

Jeff, Mark, Wally, and Oliver tossing Ping Pong Balls and Skittles while in Zero-G. Credit: Blue Origin

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