Skittles announce new Zero-G candy in celebration of their flight to space on Blue Origin’s New Shepard

Update: Skittles will not be selling these in stores but rather giving a select few away on their social media platforms.

Along with the fancy watches, sapphire dotted wings, and national media attention, the crew of Blue Origin’s NS-16 flight also carried some Skittles with them to space. Now the company will give away a number of limited-edition Skittles Zero-G pack of the candies on their social media channels.

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Blue Origin launches youngest and oldest humans to space alongside Jeff and Mark Bezos

It has been over a month since Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos announced he was flying to space. After decades of development, and many test flights of the New Shepard rocket, the day finally arrived.

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Live Blog: Blue Origin’s first crewed New Shepard flight

This morning Blue Origin is planning their first crewed flight of their suborbital New Shepard rocket. The crew will be Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, legendary aviator Wally Funk, and early ticket holder Oliver Daemen.

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Blue Origin announces 4th crewmember to join NS-16, an 18 year old

Update: Blue Origin spoke with CNBC about the reasoning for Daemen’s selection.

Blue Origin announced today that the fourth member of the NS-16 crew will be an 18-year-old from the Netherlands who bought a ticket on the New Shepard rocket.

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Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin’s Club for the Future make $219 million in donations

Today was a great day for Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin. Bezos is making a $200 million dollar donation to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, while the charity Club for the Future is making 19 $1 million grants to space-related organizations.

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Blue Origin gearing up for second flight of 2021 and possibly first crewed flight

Still in the afterglow of Blue Origin’s 14th flight of its New Shepard rocket, Jeff Bezos’ space tourism venture is planning another suborbital rocket launch to keep the momentum going in 2021. According to reports, these next missions could be some of the biggest in the company’s history.

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