Live Blog: Blue Origin’s first crewed New Shepard flight

Blue Origin crew capsule

This morning Blue Origin is planning their first crewed flight of their suborbital New Shepard rocket. The crew will be Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, legendary aviator Wally Funk, and early ticket holder Oliver Daemen.

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[Update: Texas DoT statement] How to watch Blue Origin fly Jeff Bezos to space, and where you can’t

On July 20th Blue Origin will attempt to launch their founder and a group of explorers to the edge of space with their first crewed mission. Blue shared details on where and when to watch the flight, but the public will be pushed far away.

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Blue Origin announces notable crewmember to join Jeff Bezos on upcoming New Shepard launch

Today Jeff Bezos announced that Blue Origin has picked Wally Funk to join the crew that will fly on New Shepard’s first crewed flight. The legendary aviator, now 84 years old, has done everything except finally receive her chance to fly to space.

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