[Update: Last day to enter] Virgin Galactic announces sweepstakes for a trip to space

richard branson virgin galactic sweepstakes

Following a successful flight to space, Richard Branson announced that Virgin Galactic is partnering with Omaze for a trip giveaway for you and a guest.

Virgin Galactic’s flight today was a massive success. Two pilots and four crew members, including Branson, took a flight to over 85 km and returned safely back to Earth. While onboard today, Sirisha Bandla performed an experiment for the University of Florida.

After a safe touchdown on the runway, Richard Branson excitedly walked on stage and announced a Virgin Galactic sweepstakes for two seats on their Spaceship. To enter, you donate to Space for Humanity on the Omaze website for a chance to get 2 tickets on a Virgin Galactic flight and a tour of Spaceport America by Branson.

This contest is now one in a long line of contests to win a trip to space. This trip to the edge of space and back joins trips around the moon, orbiting the Earth, and visiting the International Space Station.

Space for Humanity

Space for Humanity is a non-profit organization aimed at democratizing space to a diverse group of people. They recently opened applications for their Citizen astronaut program. Once they begin sending astronauts to space, they plan to be vehicle agnostic. They plan to fly with Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and Space Perspective.

They hope the program, by inspiring individuals, will be able to create leaders able to create an inclusive future in space for all.

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