SpaceX launches newest SiriusXM satellite into space [Gallery]

Over the weekend, SpaceX launched their second Falcon 9 of June and this time it wasn’t another batch of Starlink satellites. Read below to view pictures and videos of the launch of the newest SiriusXM satellite captured by our team of photographers.

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SpaceX targeting Friday for SiriusXM satellite launch on six-time flight proven booster [U]

December 11, 2020: SpaceX is targeting 12:55 p.m. ET for the SXM-7 mission. Live stream added below. Scratch that. Upper level wind speeds caused a scrub. Next attempt on Sunday, December 13.

SpaceX is targeting Friday, December 11, for its upcoming SXM-7 mission for SiriusXM. The mission will fly on a flight proven first stage booster that has previously launched and landed six times.

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