Crypto-entrepreneur won Blue Origin auction: Could you be 1 of 5 to join his flight to space?

Back in June, Blue Origin’s auction for a seat on the first crewed flight of New Shepard ended with a $28 million bid. Yet as the first flight came around the winner was not announced. Instead, 18 year old Oliver Daemon joined the first flight and became the youngest person to fly in space.

Blue Origin only said that ‘scheduling issues’ stopped the auction winner from participating in the flight, but did not reveal the winner’s identity. Now the winner has been revealed as H.E. Justin Sun, and five people will be invited to join him on his journey to space.

H.E. Justin Sun is an entrepeneur and founder of the TRON cryptocurrency trading platform. Today, December 22, over six months after the completion of the auction, he announced that he placed the $28 million bid that won the auction, but was unable to attend the launch.

That $28 million bid went to Blue Origin’s charity Club For the Future, which in turn benefited 19 other charities.

While Sun may have missed the first crewed New Shepard launch, he will still be flying in 2022, and he will open up the five other seats to others.

Space exploration is the joint mission of all humankind, and the Sea of Stars is the future of our generation. With the rapid development of commercial aerospace, entering space may become a dream that everyone can realize in their lifetime.

H.E. Justin Sun

Once he takes his flight, Sun will be several ‘firsts’ in spaceflight. He will be the first Grenadian to fly to space, the first international diplomat to fly to space, and the first blockchain industry leader to fly to space.

Sea of the Stars campaign to fly on New Shepard

Five people will be chosen from various fields that, “shall hold a special status in their field while having a strong will to explore space.”

The five seats are as follows:

  1. A prominent figure in the crypto world who is crazy about cruising in Metaverse
  2. A TRON DAO community member with a strong passion for space
  3. An entrepreneur in the Tech field who has a vision for the future and welcomes innovation in all technology-related fields
  4. An artist who has the wildest dreams of space and the future of humankind
  5. A highly visible and socially influential celebrity, becoming a mystery guest to inspire more people to participate in space exploration.

Sun will nominate individuals from each of these categories, but the specifics of the nomination process will be announced in the coming months.

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