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September 1

Caltech & NASA create autonomous SQUID drone

Engineers from Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab built a three-inch drone that could be launched from a barrel. It’s called SQUID, or the Streamlined Quick Unfolding Investigation Drone. And this year, the team has debuted a larger six-inch version of the drone.

August 14

Take an outer space road trip with the new Apple Arcade game ‘Next Stop Nowhere’

Apple’s game service has been regularly adding new titles since the platform debuted in 2019. And the newest game offers players the adventure of a road trip through a “cutthroat vision of outer space.”

August 10

Musk be on Mars: Luxury brand taking pre-orders for $5,000 SpaceX iPhone 12 Pro concept

Luxury technology company Caviar has unveiled its latest limited-run product: the Musk be on Mars iPhone. The custom-designed smartphone features a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft graphic celebrating the first crewed SpaceX mission as well as the “Musk be on Mars” tagline.

June 25

As part of its Artemis Program to go back to the moon by 2024, NASA is working out lots of details to make the mission possible. One of those is something that might sound a bit funny at first but is a very important part of space travel… toilets.

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June 8

NASA is planning to send its Perseverance rover to Mars as soon as next month with four major goals. Whether you’re just learning about Mars exploration for the first time or could use a refresher, follow along below for a map and details of every successful, failed, and future Mars landing attempt ahead of the next exciting NASA launch.

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