Space Explored Stories August 14

Take an outer space road trip with the new Apple Arcade game ‘Next Stop Nowhere’

Apple’s game service has been regularly adding new titles since the platform debuted in 2019. And the newest game offers players the adventure of a road trip through a “cutthroat vision of outer space.”

Space Explored Stories July 9

Space Explored is now available in Apple News

Quick programming note from Space Explored: Apple News readers can now follow our stories from the News app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Space Explored Stories May 21

Space Explored joining Seth Weintraub’s 9to5 Network

Three months ago, I announced this personal side project here at SpaceExplored․com where I’ve been writing about NASA and all the space exploration companies making news in this decade. My goal is to capture all the milestones and accomplishments that we’ll make in the next 10 years.

Today I’m over-the-moon-thrilled to share that Space Explored is officially joining Seth Weintraub’s excellent network of sites that includes 9to5Mac, 9to5Google, 9to5Toys, Electrek, and DroneDJ.

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