NASA’s Lucy spacecraft captures Lunar Eclipse from deep space, newly released footage

In a newly released time-lapse, NASA’s Lucy spacecraft captured the Moon momentarily vanishing as it moved into Earth’s shadow during last week’s total lunar eclipse.

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[Update: Redeploy attempt this week] NASA’s 12-year-long Lucy mission may have already hit a snag in space

In a blog post on NASA’s Lucy website, the teams announced that the spacecraft is healthy, but they are looking into an issue with one of Lucy’s giant solar arrays.

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ULA launches NASA’s Lucy spacecraft to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids in hopes of discovering secrets of our solar system

NASA and United Launch Alliance launched the Lucy spacecraft in an early morning liftoff beginning its journey the Trojan asteroids.

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Launch Thread: ULA to launch NASA’s first mission to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids

NASA’s Lucy mission is preparing to launch a daring mission to visit both sets of Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids. These asteroids lead and follow the gas giant in its orbit, and experts believe they will help answer how planets are formed. Read below for updates on the launch of NASA’s Lucy mission.

Date: Saturday, October 16, 5:34 a.m. EDT

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New details on Lucy mission to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids from NASA’s prelaunch briefing

Earlier today, in a virtual media briefing, the NASA Lucy mission director and other notable figures on the Lucy project shared additional information about the space agency’s historic mission to the Trojan asteroids.

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Lucy in the sky with asteroids: NASA’s mission to Jupiter’s Trojans

Like fossils here on Earth, asteroids, comets, and other primordial bodies act as time capsules to trace the origins of our solar system. NASA’s upcoming Lucy mission, currently scheduled for an October lift-off, is setting out to do just that.

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[Update: Delayed past NASA Lucy mission] Boeing stands down from current Starliner launch window, returning spacecraft to factory

Update: In a press conference Boeing and NASA detailed why they will be moving Starliner back to their factory and the next possible launch opportunities.

The ongoing saga that is Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft takes another unfortunate turn today. Boeing has announced that it will return Starliner to its factory after experiencing hardware issues that prevented a launch attempt.

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A spectrometer has successfully been installed on NASA’s Lucy spacecraft

NASA’s Lucy mission is primed to be the first space mission to study the Trojan asteroids around Jupiter. Today the mission moved one step closer to its launch following the successful integration of the L’TES instrument into the spacecraft.

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NASA Lucy mission on track to study Trojan asteroids at Jupiter’s distance from Sun

NASA is planning to embark a spacecraft on a 12-year journey starting next year on a first-of-its-kind mission called Lucy. The Lucy spacecraft will flyby and study distant asteroids in our Solar System as part of a mission to learn more about the origins of our planet and species.

The space agency shared a status update on the upcoming Lucy mission today as the mission team passed a major milestone that puts the launch on schedule for a launch in October 2021.

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